Monday, May 8, 2017

Cover Reveal - A Leg Up by Wendy J. Reber

A Leg Up by Wendy J. Reber
Release Date May 15, 2017
Thanks to hospital issued drugs, Eunice Barner has been fast asleep for four or five days. When she wakes up, sixteen pounds of her are missing--her right leg from the knee down. Before the accident, Eunice’s lover of seven years left her for no apparent reason; a six year old, Petra, bobbing in his wake. Years later, her newly beloved spouse dies unexpectedly, her home is broken in to, her daughter is threatened, and then she loses a limb while trying to put back the pieces of your life and working hard on the job. The heroine’s plate runneth over in the novel, “A Leg Up,” as Eunice Barner leads by example and cultivates a higher plan. However, someone is skulking around aiming to foil this plan.
A love story between mother and daughter culminating in the best revenge—success and happiness—rather than succumbing to trials and tribulations that tests them to their cores.
Author Event!
First Friday Fiction & Fun
Seniors Creations and The Main Street Olive Oil Co.
Friday, June 2, 2017 from 4-7pm EST
75 Main St. Wellsborough, PA 16901

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