Saturday, June 6, 2015

Sex, Love & Combat Boots - Available July 1, 2015

All proceeds from the anthology will benefit Heels for Combat Boots, a non-profit organization that sets out to assist our Servicemen and women with PTSD/TBI (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury). They assist with helping these individuals adjust back into the world of civilian life, connect them with the correct outreach and treatment programs, help with their day to day struggles and issues; such as assisting them with paying their bills, obtaining groceries, etc. They also help to get them back involved with the things they enjoy, introduce them to new experiences, and connect them with hunting and fishing trips. They also get involved with Vet events, visiting the VAs, and sending out care packages.

Ten Fantastic Stories Supporting a Great Cause!

Rebecca Brooke: Letters Home
Marissa Dobson: Ace in the Hole
MJ Fields: Irons
Jennifer Foor: Love Survives
Kimberly Knight: Angels & Whiskey
Bayli Lane: What If
Kristen Hope Mazzola: Crashing Back Down
Sophie Monroe: To Love A Soldier
Alexis Noelle: Fractured One
Sarah O'Rourke: Cain's Salvation

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  1. Fantastic! I will share this on my Facebook page THE RED FRIDAY LADIES (a support the troops page)